Drinking water Directly from your tap

AQUAPHOR-Favorite is the household water purification System, which allows to produce easily drinking water at home.

The System is unique in its ability to remove rapidly all harmful impurities of organic and non-organic origin, including rust, by means of a very small-volume Filter-cartridge.

No water wasted during drinking water production. And there is no electricity supply needed for the Aquaphor-Favorite filtration System.

Having drinking water directly from your Tap at home, means unlimited purified water at hand, unlike while using bottled water.

With Aquaphor you have access to a never ending supply of fresh, contaminant free water that can be used for all your needs: drinking, cooking, washing vegetables, making tea and coffee, feeding your pets, watering your plants.

These options are endless!

AQUAPHOR-Favorite System – what it consists of

Stainless steel Housing (1) is the part, which contains replacement Filter-cartridge (3).
It is made in two halves, which are connected together by the Clamp with the screwing Handle (2)
Robust yet simple and small-sized, this module will allow easy handling and long life service.

Replacement Filter-cartridge (3) is the actual part, used for purifying common household water into drinking water. It removes sediment impurities and other contaminants such as chlorine, lead, bacteria, rust, etc.

Faucet for drinking water (4) with its Connection parts (5)

Two Flexible tubes (6): the first one is to connect household main water supply into Housing inlet and the second one is to connect Housing outlet into the Faucet for drinking water.  The connection of Flexible tubes to Housing is provided by special Clips (7)

Water flow Valve (8) is to be installed on household main water supply pipe to allow common household water into Filtration AQUAPHOR-Favorite System.



Overall dimensions of the Filter Housing (mm)180 x 200
Maximum working pressure (MP/bar)0.6/6.0
Mass (kg)3.9
Replacement Filter Capacity (L)12,000
Filtration rate (L/min)2.5


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Cost Effective

Do not waste your time, do not waste your money! And help the environment at the same time.

Now is the time to become aware and notice what we are really doing. Spend a moment here with us to understand the facts.

It is well known, that we need to drink in order to live, hence the purchase of bottled water from grocery stores or supermarkets, and carrying those heavy cases home is essential and goes without discussion.

But, practically nobody knows the actual COST OF DRINKING as it is an unavoidable part of life.

Yet, let us calculate:

12 Litres of bottled water cost a minimum of €2.00

12,000 Liters of bottled water cost €2,000.00

This amount of purified drinking water at home is made by:

only ONE Aquaphor Filter-cartridge and costs €200.00

Definitely, the Aquaphor System is very cost effective – you spend 10 times less for the same amount of drinking water!

Even including the payment for initial water supplied to your household, to be purified into drinking one, great savings are obvious.

(12,000 Liters of water, used on local Water Meter cost around €70.00)

Not to mention the fact, that the bulk of both import and domestic bottled water is often made by purifying common water using technology based on the same principals as the Aquaphor Filter.

Why pay someone else to do what you could do at the luxury of your own home yourself?

And do it faster and cheaper – just imagine, that you throw away every hour the little coin of only 5 cents… every hour, every day, every year for many more years to come, non stop – that what is happening in reality when you are buying bottled water instead of purifying common tap water at home.

Actual cost calculation shows, that after only one year of installation, the AQUAPHOR-Favorite pays back completely – it saves you during the first year of functioning all what it initially costs. And after that you can fully enjoy your personal savings on drinking water free availability.

AQUAPHOR-Favorite System is definitely the simple way to have unlimited access to drinking water without incurring extra costs than you already have now!

And, what is imperative for many eldery or frail people  – with the water purification System directly at your home tap, there will never be a need to carry heavy cases of bottled water from shops.

Summarising all the advantages above, AQUAPHOR-Favorite has become an attractive and cost effective viable alternative to bottled water. It helps to have drinking water easily available to people all over the world.


Eco Friendly

No more plastic bottles

It is widely accepted nowadays that the drinking water is the resource, which will dominate the next century. The world already refers to water as “blue gold”.

So, what can we do to protect the earth’s water in order to have a chance “just to drink”? By the way, if we go without drinking water for more then five days we will die.

Some research has claimed that drinking ‘bottled’ water has the same impact on the environment as driving ‘a car’ for one kilometre – i.e. bottling the drinking water is a ridiculous luxury, which could be avoided with proper outlook.

Just imagine – nowadays three out of four plastic bottles are still not recycled and end up in land fill every year, at a rate of 30 million per day, where they take over 400 years to break down!

Not to mention the carbon emissions used to produce 3 million tons of plastic yearly and then – to bottle the water and to transport the bottles to consumers.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) campaigns strongly recommends that bottled water is not only environmentally unfriendly but also a waste of consumers’ money. It is a fact that bottled drinking water costs 10 times more then drinking water purified by household filtration.

Unfortunately as humans, we all make mistakes.

Or we just do not think much about the cost of drinking water … We get used to the style of life we always had, buying bottled water, putting all the faith we have in corporate manufactures of drinking water and having someone else to take all responsibilities for all the unpleasant outcomes.

But at the end of the day, pollution and waste of resources happen as a regular occurrence – the nature and every family budget suffer. It is time to pay attention, to become conscious of what we ourselves are doing daily, and to answer a simple question: Why put drinking water production in someone’s hands instead of making it Yourself at home with AQUAPHOR?

Easy access to water should not be taken for granted

By drinking purified water from your Aquaphor System you are helping the environment by reducing the need for water ‘bottling’ on your regards


Easy to install

AQUAPHOR-Favorite System, which allows production of drinking water at home, is well known for its ease of installation.

It is very simple process and takes only about an hour to complete for any plumber, in order to install a by-pass “Tee” on household water-supply pipe and drill a small hole near the place where you want to have your Drinking Water Tap.

The following detailed description of installation will guide you through the required steps.

However, if you do not wish to install the System yourself, do not hesitate to book a qualified person for that job with us. The installation is included in the total cost of AQUAPHOR-Favorite.

Good things to know – The system can be uninstalled fast as well, and therefore, in case you change your place of living, easily moves with you to your new home.

The following detailed description of installation will guide you through the required steps.

1. Installation of the Drinking water Faucet:

  • drill 11-12 mm diameter hole in the determined place. Trim burrs;
  • screw out the nut(12) off the Faucet treaded bushing (1);
  • string decorative washer (4) and rubber gusket (5) on the  Faucet treaded bushing;
  • install the Faucet (1) using washers provided (6,7,8)  and screw on the nut (9) tight;
  • insert the Flexible tube(10) by its side with bushing (11) into  the Faucet treaded bushing (1) and screw on the nut (12) tight;
  • check that all the installed parts are connected fully firm.

2. Installation of the Filter to the main household water supply:

  • shut off the water line with cold household water supply  to the point of Aquaphor installation;
  • make sure you have the gasket (3a) in the cap nut connection node (3);
  • install a pipeline connection node (3);
  • close the connection node (its Valve position “closed”) and  by applying household water into installation point, make sure  that there are no leaks at joints;
  • pull out from the top of connection node(3) the small white-plastic clip(13);
  • insert into the hub of node(3) the end of flexible pipe (14), which  could be moistened for better insertion. Be sure to bring the pipe  into a depth of about 15mm;
  • insert the white-plastic clip(13) on the sleeve of nod(3) in order to fix the flexible pipe into the nod steadily.

3. Attaching the flexible pipes to the Filter housing:

  • pull out the clips(13) from under the bushes(15a) of the inlet and outlet hubs, situated on top of housing(16);
  • connect the end of flexible pipe attached to faucet(10) with housing outlet(15);
  • connect the end of flexible pipe attached to node(3) with housing inlet(15a);
  • Ends of flexible pipes should be moistened for better insertion. Be sure to  bring the pipes into hubs to a depth of about 15mm;
  • insert the clips(13) on both sleeves of housing inlet and outlet bushes (15,16).

4. Engaging the Aquaphor System after installation:

  • turn on water supply;
  • turn on the faucet(2);
  • adjust appropriate water flow, using control Valve(3) – just use empty bottle of volume 2-2.5 Litres and control that the bottle gets full over 1 min  time, turning Valve(3) accordingly to get to this flow rate;
  • discard the water for first 10-15 min so that to moisten the  Filter-cartridge inside housing;
  • turn off the faucet.

Your Aquaphor System is ready for operation!

WARRANTY is given for a period of 90 days from the day of purchase against any defect in materials and/or craftsmanship. Liability of the company is limited to the cost of purchased parts of AQUAPHOR System only.